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Dear Parents,

I am pleased to welcome you to the academic year 2021-22! I hope you are all safe and sound and the children are relaxed, recharged and ready to start the new school year.

I want to start by thanking you dear parents for your sincere support and participation in our webinars, Mama n’ Papa Fiesta and particularly for everything that you have been doing to support your ward’s learning from home. It definitely made last academic year a memorable one.

A great deal of time, effort and thought has gone into the process of preparing for this new academic year and equipping ourselves to face the unexpected.

Based on the feedback from students, parents, and teachers, we are planning to conduct our online sessions this year using Microsoft Teams, which offers a lot more features to the students. The entire school starting from Kindergarten to Senior Secondary will be adopting this platform.

Our teachers have been provided with adequate training and are well equipped to make the teaching-learning experience more engaging and productive.

Communication plays a key role in the efficient management of any institution. DBSOE app has been revamped to keep the parents securely connected to the school and their child’s progress. This user-friendly app provides all the information needed at the click of a button. The parents can track their ward’s progress and participation throughout the academic session using our app as well as Teams.

Every year, I as the principal, foresee the needs of the children, plan to give something beyond academics to develop them as better human beings. Keeping this in mind, webinars are organised wherein prominent speakers from different fields share their valuable experiences with the students.

We have plans to introduce a variety of icebreaker sessions that will benefit the overall holistic development of the children. Public speaking, career guidance and life skills sessions to help them build their confidence & communication and entertainment sessions like puppet shows, magic shows and dance will be conducted to help children improvise their inborn talents. Yoga sessions will be scheduled to stimulate their health and concentration.

As quoted by Colin Powell, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

All signs point to another incredible and productive year. With the right technology and our efficient staff, we strive to provide the students with a real-time experience.

Looking forward to your continued support and co-operation.

Thank you.

May God Bless you.


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